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Why Culligan?

Most Recognized, Experienced and Qualified Name in Water Treatment

  • Full-service dealer network, including bottled water delivery, water coolers, and water services, in over 1,100 locations worldwide.
  • Founded in 1936 - over 80 years of industry leadership.

Highly Awarded & Certified

  • WQA, NSF & UL Certifications
  • Gold Series Softeners — Consumer Digest's "Best Buy"
  • Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval & Guarantee

Culligan Exclusive Product Features

Culligan Bottled Water specializes in providing bottled water delivery, water services, and water coolers for homes and businesses.

For information about Culligan's home water services, visit Culligan Water at CulliganWater.com or the Culligan International website at Culligan.com.

For information about Culligan's commercial and Industrial water treatment solutions, visit Culligan Industrial Water at CulliganIndustrialWater.com or Culligan Matrix Solutions at CulliganMatrixSolutions.com.

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