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Bottled Water Reviews

Culligan offers the best bottled water and water coolers! We are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations by providing only the highest quality bottled water products and services. Whether for 5 gallon bottled water refills, water delivery or maintenance of a bottle-free water cooler, we believe our customers deserve only the best and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Don't just take our word for it… Check out these bottled water reviews from just a few of our many satisfied customers:

Great tasting water and awesome delivery drivers and front office reps. Very customer oriented. All around a GREAT experience!! I was skeptical at first but my wife wanted to give it a try. We will not go back to buying packs of bottled water from the store ever again. The difference in the taste was evident with the first cup of water I drank. Extremely satisfied customer here, give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Google Reviews (Brian C.)

We are extremely happy with Culligan's service. They are very prompt. Billing is always correct. And they give plenty of notice of the next delivery so if reschedule or service delay is needed, it is very easy to request. For years and years, we lugged empty 5 gallon bottles to the water store and then we went with Culligan and have been so happy for almost a year now, that we can't imagine going back to filling our own bottles again. We cannot recommend them enough. All we can say, is try it! You will definitely love the convenience... and did we mention the water tastes great!!!

Google Reviews (Grant W.)

Have used their service for years and can say the service has always been amazing. The delivery driver is friendly. The water tastes really good. And any time we have had to call to adjust the delivery schedule with more or less bottles it has been extremely fast and easy. Would highly recommend them!

Google Reviews (Bryce F.)

Bottles delivered directly to my door and the peace of mind that I’m drinking clean water. The water tastes great and the cooler system with the hot water tap is a great feature for tea. My tea tastes amazing using Culligan water. Friendly & honest service.

Google Reviews (Tevi L.)

Culligan are the best! They have delivered water to me for years. Great people and ALWAYS deliver, no matter how bad the weather!

Google Reviews (Fran O.)

I've had the best experience with Culligan Bottled Water. We get five 5-gallon jugs delivered and use it purely for drinking. And it's so easy. I live in an apartment and all I have to do is leave the empties outside my door on the scheduled day. When I come home there is new water waiting for me. Thanks Culligan!

Mish M.

I sent an email for water after midnight and came home the next day after work with my water needs having been met. It was greatly appreciated! I also always receive fast email responses and friendly encounters with each staff member EVERYTIME I speak to or email someone. I've been with Culligan Bottled Water since 2008 and am going nowhere fast!

Melody W.

Having Culligan Bottled Water service is great. Bottles delivered directly to my door and the peace of mind that I'm drinking clean water. The water tastes great and the cooler system with the hot water tap is a great feature for tea. My tea tastes amazing using Culligan water. Plus, it is friendly and honest service.

Trevi L.

I have been receiving spring water from Culligan for about eight years now. The water is delicious, phone calls to remind you of delivery dates are provided, and they switch out your tanks after a while to make sure the water is clean. It is very delicious fresh water.

Rosen B.

I just want to comment on how pleased I am with my service from Culligan Water! The service tech I dealt with was very knowledgeable and honest with me – checking in with me about how he could help.


They have always been very courteous and very prompt. If I have any questions or issues they have always been very prompt in fixing them. They respond right away. By buying from them I am saving money rather than buying bottled water from the store. I would grade them A's all across-the-board.

Jim N.

I just want to thank everyone at Culligan Water! I am very pleased with my new equipment. Culligan was the solution!

Ron B.

Mike has delivered water to us for years and is a great guy there has never been any issues.

Diane B.

Sales representatives are highly trustworthy and make the customer feel valued.


I went to the Culligan Water office to speak with someone in person about Culligan services. The sales team was very professional and answered all my questions. The sales rep was a great reflection of the Culligan company.

Shayne K.

I'd like to congratulate Culligan Water on its customer service. Of all the companies I have dealt with while preparing to move out of my home, Culligan was the best.

Marie K.

I recently had a service call, and the Culligan Water technician who came out went above and beyond, a "true ambassador" for Culligan. I am very happy to know all the information the service tech provided and am very happy with Culligan Water. I highly recommend Culligan to everyone!

Caroline L.

Steve Beisank was exceptional. He arrived early and did a highly professional job.

Alexandra W.

Michael and the company shown up every month. They call to remind me they are coming. Michael is pleasant and professional and even help me stack the bottles.

Earl M.

We always get great service from Michael!

Reggy M.

The customer service team at Culligan Water does a great job of answering the phone quickly whenever I need them.

Robert W.

Everything is great! Timely delivery, water is pure, and the scheduled reminders! Also the price is very reasonable, making the whole thing very convenient for a very busy father of two, without having to haul heavy water bottles.

Mohammed A.

It is great to have auto delivery with great water. The driver on my route will leave a couple bottles for me even when I forget to set bottles out for pick up. My customer service/sales representative is great. She always answers my questions and has the best attitude. She always seems happy and ready to help!

LaShanda T.

Love the consistency, billing, dependability, and the exceptionally clean water. We've used other water companies in the past and their water was not as clean, we had horrible billing issues, and they would never deliver when they said they would. This makes me appreciate Culligan Bottled Water even more. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie B.

Fast and easy enrollment process. Customer Support and Delivery Drivers are friendly and helpful. I appreciate the delivery reminder phone call and calendar. Bottles are easy to lift and load. Delivery is bi-weekly, so we don't worry about running out of water as with other water service company. Great tasting water!

Richard O.

Bottom line, if you're looking for the best bottled water from a company you can rely on, contact Culligan Bottled Water!

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