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Water Education Resources

Proper Hydration

How much water should I drink?

Determining how much water to drink a day depends upon several factors. Your body type, activity level, environment, and health all play a part in how much water you should drink to stay hydrated. Discover tips for hydration and learn more about how much water to drink.

Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides you with water education, including facts on bottled water and bottled water regulations in the United States.

Water Quality Reports

Culligan goes above and beyond to make our bottled waters safe and healthy for our customers. Bottled waters are a safe alternative to drinking from potentially contaminated wells or local water supplies. Read Water Quality Reports from the states of Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


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There are a lot of terms related to bottled water. Get up-to-speed with our glossary.

Bottled Water Facts

Learn more about bottled water with facts from the FDA, EPA, and International Bottled Water Association.

Water Education FAQs

Water Education and frequently asked questions about water. Find information about industrial process water and industrial water treatment.

Drinking Hard Water

Learn more about the effects of drinking hard water.

Bottled Water Reviews

Culligan offers the best bottled water! Read our reviews to learn more!

Why Culligan?

Learn more about why Culligan is the most recognized, experienced and qualified name in bottled water delivery.

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