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5 Reasons You Need a Bottle Water Delivery Service

During this day and age, we know we could all benefit from drinking more water. So, what's standing in your way? For many, it can be as simple as a lack of access to great-tasting water, quickly and easily. This is why so many of us pay for bottled water - out of sheer convenience. What if there was a better way?

Here are five reasons you need to get a bottle water cooler or water cooler delivery service today:

1. Long-Lasting Access to Great Tasting Water

Bottle water delivery fits into your schedule as easily as it fits into your home or office. If you've been looking for ways to drink more water, look no further, since our bottle water delivery brings you everything you need, right when you need it, enabling you to reap the benefits. Having pre-scheduled deliveries mean you always have water when you need it, without having to think about it.

2. 42 Pounds

42 pounds - That's how much that 5 gallon water jug weighs! That comes to 2,184 pounds of water every year. Lugged to the check-out, rolling around in the trunk, hefted up the steps to your home, and hoisted atop the cooler. That's not counting toting the empty water bottles to the recycle center or the curb as well. Let Culligan take this weight off of your shoulders and relieve you of empty-water-bottle concerns!

3. Better Overall Taste

Bringing better-tasting drinking water to your home or office is easier than you think. With so many convenient choices for accessing on-demand, filtered water, Culligan can find a specialized solution perfect for your needs.

4. Cost Savings

A delivery van on a route makes it quite efficient to allow for a modest price for the water with delivery. When you figure in the a person's cost to drive to the big box store, always a long ways off, and drive back, those miles add up. That's money down the drain. With delivery service costs comparable to the cost of buying a 5 gallon bottle of water at a store, the convenience of a Culligan water delivery service provides you with great-tasting water at just the touch of a button.

5. Cuts Down on Waste

Relax. When your water bottles are empty, your Culligan Man returns on your designated delivery day and exchanges them for full 5 gallon water bottles. A bottleless water cooler is another option -- it helps eliminate the waste sometimes associated with bottles. Culligan Bottle-FreeĀ® Water Coolers are EPA Energy Star certified, which means Culligan Bottle-FreeĀ® water cooler systems use about half the energy of other similar systems - saving you money throughout the lifetime of your system.

Culligan's bottle water delivery service is backed by our 80 years of experience in water delivery service and custom drinking water solutions. All hand-installed (with bottles hand-delivered) by your friendly, dependable local Culligan Man. Start your water delivery now by calling him and saying, "Hey Culligan Man!" to schedule your appointment.

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