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Culligan Water Quality Standards

Culligan goes above and beyond to make safe drinking water that is a healthy choice for our customers.

Water Quality Standards

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) establishes water quality standards for bottled water.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates tap water provided by water utilities (EPA standards) to ensure safe drinking water.
  • The FDA Standards of Quality (SOQs) for bottled water must be as protective of public health as EPA standards (known as Maximum Contaminant Levels) for safe drinking water.
  • Culligan bottled water meets or exceeds all federal and state water regulations.

Ozone Filtration vs. Chlorine in Water

Culligan uses ozone filtration, instead of putting chlorine in water, in the final step of bottled water production. Ozone is a compound of oxygen, O3 to be exact, that is bubbled through the water just before it goes into a clean and sanitized water bottle. Within a few hours of being filled and capped the ozone dissipates and converts back to the same oxygen found in the air, (O2).

What is ozone filtration?

Ozone filtration, also known as ozonation, is the process of putting ozone in water to destroy bacteria. Unlike chlorine, ozonation leaves no residual chemicals and does not cause a bad water taste or bad water smell.

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