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Home Water Coolers

Culligan Bottled Water offers two types of home water coolers: bottled water coolers and bottle-free coolers. You may be most familiar with Culligan's line of bottled water coolers for the home. These traditional home water coolers have a jug of filtered water that sits on top of the water dispenser. Water is released when a control valve is pushed. Culligan water coolers are available with optional cold and hot control valves to deliver ice cold water for drinking, or piping hot water for tea, coffee and soups. Taking up only one-square-foot of space, Culligan's bottled water coolers offer convenience in a compact design.

For those who want to avoid storing water jugs and relying on bottled water deliveries, Culligan also offers a stylish bottle-free cooler. These bottleless coolers connect directly to your main water line, filtering water at the source. Culligan bottle-free water coolers for the home come equipped with both hot and cold temperature settings.

Reasons to Use a Culligan Home Water Cooler

Regardless of the type of home water cooler you choose, there are many benefits to installing a Culligan water cooler in your home:

  • You can save money by buying fewer single serve water bottles.
  • Your family has access to filtered drinking water.
  • Culligan water coolers are energy efficient.
  • With hot and cold options you will no longer need to wait for tap water to heat up or cool down.

Bringing better-tasting drinking water to your home is easier than you think. With so many convenient choices for accessing on-demand filtered water, we'll help you find the perfect solution with our easy Culligan water delivery services. Home water coolers provide easy access to delicious water wherever you need it, in your home, office or vacation home. Anywhere you'd like to enjoy better-tasting water, there's a Culligan water delivery solution!

Contact your local dealer to learn more about the types of home water coolers available in your area!

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