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Drinking Water Coolers and Water Dispensers

Looking for a drinking water cooler for your home or office? You've come to the right place! Culligan Bottled Water offers a line of office water coolers and home water dispensers that are both stylish and functional. A Culligan drinking water cooler is sure to fit in with your existing décor and offers many benefits, such as: optional temperature settings, a space-saving design, low maintenance, and filtered drinking water.

In addition to bottled water coolers, Culligan also offers a line of bottleless water coolers (also known as bottle-free or point-of-use water coolers) for hassle-free drinking water. Many of Culligan's home and office water coolers come equipped with both hot and cold faucets built into the water dispenser, which regulate the temperature of filtered water as it makes its way into your glass.

Culligan's space-saving water dispenser design takes up less than one-square foot of space, allowing you to place the cooler almost anywhere in your home or office – though we recommend keeping it, and any stored water bottles, away from direct sunlight. For bottled water coolers, each bottle of water comes equipped with a spill-proof Culligan Care Cap™, which has a special valve that only releases water when the bottle is securely in place on top of the cooler.

With a Culligan water cooler and Culligan's unmatched bottled water delivery service, great tasting water will always be close by. You can count on Culligan Bottled Water for all of your water delivery needs! Contact your local Culligan dealer today to find out which drinking water cooler styles are available in your area!

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