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Drink to Your Health with Quality Drinking Water

Culligan's refreshing bottled drinking water is free of impurities like chlorine, sodium and lead - a healthy choice. With a bottled water cooler, or bottle-free water cooler, kids tend to drink less soda and other sugary drinks and the whole family will drink more water. Plus, doctors recommend eight glasses of water a day for a healthier lifestyle.

Why drink water?

Some of the benefits of drinking water include: healthier looking skin, more energized muscles and improved kidney function. Plus, if you are trying to lose weight, drinking water is proven to aid in the effectiveness of diet and exercise.

Culligan Bottled Water will also keep track of your water needs and deliver replacement water at just the right time.

Culligan water delivery will eliminate trips to the store for water, and hauling heavy water jugs around. Not to mention hauling those same jugs to the office and finding storage space for them, only to discover that the old empty jugs are overflowing the storage closet.

Here are the top three reasons why customers prefer Culligan water delivery:

  1. 5 Gallon Water Bottles are heavy
  2. 5 Gallon Water Bottles are space-consuming
  3. 5 Gallon Water Bottles are cumbersome

You can rely on Culligan to deliver and mount 5 gallon jugs of fresh, clean tasting, quality drinking water to make everyone satisfied, every time!

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water Coolers

Culligan now offers a variety of contemporary, stylish water cooler designs which offer a variety of temperature settings. Our space-saving bottled water cooler designs use less than one square-foot of space.
Our 5 gallon water bottle is designed to be spill-proof, thanks to the Culligan Care Cap™, a special valve that releases water only when the water bottle is in place.

bottle-free water coolers

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

If you're drinking more than three 5 gallon water bottles a month you might have a bottle storage problem. Culligan's POU (Point Of Use) or Bottle-Free cooler attaches to your existing plumbing/water supply and delivers filtered, quality drinking water right to your glass, eliminating the need for bottled water and bottled water refills.

quality drinking water

Culligan Half-Liter Bottles

You can take top bottled drinking water with you anywhere you go with Culligan water bottles. Bottled drinking water is great for hydrating during exercise, kids' lunches, picnics, company parties, special events, outdoor activities, clients and more.

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