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How Office Managers Feel About Their Office Water
Delivery Services

In an office setting, having regular access to high-quality water is a needed perk. The employee-benefit a refreshing water cooler in the office, allows employees to take a small break, rehydrate, and enjoy the friendly chats that are commonplace at office water coolers. Bottled water delivery is a popular way of making sure the office water cooler has fresh, safe drinking water on a regular basis.

We recently conducted a survey among office managers (and HR managers) about their satisfaction level with their office water delivery services.

Here is what we discovered:

water service satisfaction chart

As shown on the bar chart, a majority of the office managers surveyed are satisfied with their office water delivery service.

The high levels of satisfaction are something that you should expect when you are choosing your bottled water or water cooler provider. At Culligan, we know you expect the best of the best. We will strive to work alongside you to leave you feeling completely satisfied with the results of your office water delivery service.

Based on the preponderance of positive experiences, it's no wonder that 78% of office managers feel satisfied with the office water delivery service they are receiving.

water supplier annoyances

About 17% of the office managers said they see office water delivery as a waste of money, with the largest complaints centered around cost, quality, and taste.

Here were the top complaints:

  • 17% of managers found the cost too high
  • 22% wished for higher bottle-water quality
  • 16% did not like the office water delivery schedule that had been set by the water supplier
  • 28% of managers had no complaints at all with the office water delivery service they are receiving

There are plenty of benefits to finding a good water delivery company. Of the 100 office managers surveyed:

office water supply
  • 51% said that convenience is their favorite aspect of having a water delivery service
  • 13% said the low cost kept them coming back
  • 8% liked the environmentally friendly impact of having a water cooler
  • 16% found the taste pleasing compared to office tap water

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