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Water Cooler Delivery

Water cooler delivery is provided for both rental and purchased Culligan water coolers. Whether you select a water cooler with 5 gallon water bottles, or a bottle-free water cooler, your local Culligan Man will deliver and install your cooler at a time that is convenient for you. Need drinking water for your family or employees? We have just the equipment you need for dispensing great-tasting Culligan water! We offer a variety of water cooler styles with both cold only, or hot and cold temperature settings. Culligan Bottled Water offers high quality water coolers, water dispensers and reliable water delivery for your home or office.

Our water coolers and water dispensers offer great tasting water for use in coffee, tea, soup, ice cubes and cooking. With convenient Culligan water delivery services, your entire family will be able to enjoy clean drinking water year round. While many water filtration and treatment systems only treat water to improve the taste and reduce odor, Culligan's industry-leading water filtration technology offers a more advanced result. Culligan Bottled Water delivers bottled water that is free of minerals, organic compounds, and chemicals by using a process called reverse osmosis filtration.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a multistep solution that uses five stages of filtration to clean the water. After undergoing a rigorous initial filtration process, the RO filtration removes any lingering contaminants down to the size of a single micron. In the final step of this process, the water passes through ozone and ultraviolet filtration to ensure the water is free of microorganisms.

Culligan has more than 80 years of experience filtering high-quality water for bottles and coolers. And while this water filtration process may sound complex, the ultimate result is clean and pure drinking water. So, with a water dispenser from Culligan, great tasting water will always be close at hand. Pair that with our unmatched water delivery services, and you will never have to lug a heavy case of bottle water home from the store again. Whether you need quality drinking water for your home or office, you can count on Culligan water delivery for all of your bottled water needs.

Already own a water cooler? Then take advantage of Culligan's water delivery service!

Culligan Delivery Services

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  • 5 Gallon Bottled Water Delivery
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