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Culligan Water Cooler Rental

Enjoy the convenience of Culligan's water cooler rental services. When you sign up for water cooler rental service with Culligan, you'll always have fresh-tasting water in your office and home. With Culligan as your water cooler supplier, you'll be able to select from a variety of water cooler rental options*, including:

  • Bottled Water Coolers
  • Countertop Coolers
  • Point-of-Use Bottleless Coolers

Each of our water coolers is available with optional hot and cold temperature settings, ideal for a refreshing drink or making instant coffee, tea and soups. Models are also available that serve tepid water. For those with limited counter space, a countertop water cooler may be the ideal choice.

With a variety of coolers in different styles, sizes and temperature options, Culligan is sure to have the water cooler you need. All water coolers are hand delivered by your local Culligan Man and backed by almost 80 years of experience in home water delivery service.

With Culligan as your water cooler supplier, you will enjoy the convenience of reliable water delivery, maintenance and top-notch customer service. On your first scheduled delivery, your Culligan Man will install your water cooler rental, provide you with your first supply of bottled water (if you are not renting a bottleless model), and explain how your new system works. Once your water bottles are empty, your Culligan Man will pick them up and exchange them for new water bottles on your next scheduled delivery date.

In addition to water cooler rentals, we also offer many of our water coolers for sale. To learn more about Culligan's water cooler rental service, contact your local Culligan dealer today!

*Water cooler makes and models vary by dealer. Contact your local Culligan dealer for specific inventory.

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