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Culligan Bottled Water of Brooklyn Park

Culligan Bottled Water of Brooklyn Park offers standard water coolers, bottled water delivery and bottle-free water coolers to homes and businesses in the Twin Cities Metro, Bloomington, Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Minnesota areas. We offer a variety of stylish water coolers and will work with you to establish a custom bottled water delivery schedule based on your water usage. You can count on Culligan Bottled Water of Brooklyn Park for all of your home or office drinking water needs!

Office Location

Culligan Bottled Water of Brooklyn Park
7165 Boone Ave N #100
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Phone: 763-535-4545


Servicing: Twin Cities Metro, Bloomington, Minneapolis, St.Paul and surrounding Minnesota areas

Bottled Water Delivery in Brooklyn Park, MN

According to the latest drinking water quality report from the City of Brooklyn Park, trace amounts of the following contaminants were discovered in public drinking water supplies*:

  • Barium (drilling wastes, metal refineries, erosion of natural deposits)
  • Chlorine (additive used to control microbes)
  • Copper (plumbing corrosion, erosion natural deposits)
  • Haloacetic Acids (byproduct of drinking water disinfection)
  • Lead (plumbing corrosion, erosion of natural deposits)
  • Total Trihalomethanes (byproduct of drinking water disinfection)

*All contaminant levels fell within established federal safety guidelines, and their presence does not necessarily indicate a health risk.

If you prefer drinking water that is filtered through reverse osmosis and is free of byproducts like chlorine, Culligan Bottled Water of Brooklyn Park is here to help! We offer several different types of bottled drinking water and a variety of stylish water coolers with different features to fit every home or office.

Contact us today for information about our affordable water cooler rentals, purchase options and bottled water delivery rates!

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