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Bottled Water vs Tap Water

The big debate in drinking refreshing water often comes in the form of bottled water vs. tap water. Do people prefer bottled water over tap water? Or is tap water perfectly efficient? Is there a preference for bottled water filtration? In a recently conducted survey, we sought to uncover some of the answers to these questions.

During our research, we found that 42% of respondents prefer filtered water, 30% prefer tap water, and 28% prefer bottled water. And if faced with only the choice of bottled water or filtered water, a slight majority (53%) expressed that they would choose filtered water.

Why Drink Bottled Water Chart

Those who are strictly bottled water drinkers had a variety of reasons for choosing bottled water.

Survey Question: Why Do You Drink Bottled Water?

Respondents' Answers:

  • 61% prefer bottled water because it is a more convenient option
  • 17% like bottle water because of its purity
  • 13% prefer its taste

Survey Question: Are You Satisfied with Your Current Water Quality?

Respondents' Answers:

  • 76% say that they are happy with the quality of water that they drink
  • Only 3% of people said "No"

With a vast majority of individuals drinking filtered or bottled water frequently, the need for great tasting water is clearly shown.

Will the bottled water vs. tap water debate come to a striking end soon? Maybe not. But what is apparent is humankind’s desire for cleaner, filtered water.

It can really be the best of both worlds when you sign up for Culligan's bottled water. Bottled water and bottled water delivery makes accessing fresher, better-tasting water in your home simple.

How Often Do You Drink Water Chart

Bottled water delivery fits into your schedule as easily as it fits into your home. If you've been looking for ways to drink more water, look no further, since our bottled water cooler set up and delivery brings you everything you need, right when you need it, enabling you to reap the benefits.

Call your Culligan Man today and ask about bottled water filtration and bottled water delivery!

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